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phmb Desinfektion

Ideal sanitizer, the Polymer of HexaMethylene Biguanide is a powerful bactericide and is not agressive to humans and environment.

Used for the treatment of pool water since the 1970's, the P.H.M.B is also authorised for use as a sanitizer in very different applications: in hospitals as surface disinfectant, in the food industry as disinfectant for the equipments in contact with food (dairy, ...), in some cosmetics as a preservative and in other pharmaceutical applications (for exemple, a sanitizer for contact lenses). MAREVA is the 2nd world's largest producer of PHMB.

Mareva is the 2nd world's largest producer of P.H.M.B.

MAREVA has obtained the agreements in Europe and the EPA "Environnement Protection Agency"; in the United States for the sale of P.H.M.B

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