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Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheets allow the users to take the necessary measures as regards Health and Environment Protection and as regards Safety.
If you do not find the Safety Data Sheet for your product, see table for correspondence of the Sheets.
Download the all the Safety Data Sheets or only the Sheet you need.

monthly treatments

pdfDouceur & klor kit (liquid) 18-30m3
KIT douceur & klor (partie liquide, 18-30m3) 79 Ko, Updated on 18 Jul 2011
pdfDouceur & klor kit (liquid) 30-60m3
KIT douceur & klor (partie liquide, 30-60m3) 79 Ko, Updated on 18 Jul 2011
pdfDouceur & klor kit (pouch)
KIT douceur et klor pochette 106 Ko, Updated on 23 Apr 2010

pdfDouceur & klor kit (tablet)
KIT douceur et Klor galet 83 Ko, Updated on 30 Nov 2011
pdfRev-Aqua (pouch)
Rev-aqua pochette granulés 103 Ko, Updated on 30 Nov 2011

Chlorine-free disinfection

Revacil, PHMB 244 Ko, Updated on 12 Nov 2014

Multifunction chlorine

pdfBaby Pool Kit 84 Ko, Updated on 27 Aug 2008

Bromine & Active Oxygen

shock oxidizer, active oxygen 54 Ko, Updated on 23 Apr 2010

Shock treatment

pdfRevatop 36
Revatop, peroxyde d'hydrogène 216 Ko, Updated on 15 Jan 2016
pdfSTOP ALGUES double action shock oxidizer
STOP ALGUES oxydant choc double action 83 Ko, Updated on 23 Apr 2010


algaecide 67 Ko, Updated on 19 Jul 2011

Water balance

Calc-Out, TH moins, TH- 50 Ko, Updated on 23 Apr 2010
double action ph plus, reva-plus double action 59 Ko, Updated on 23 Nov 2011
pdfultra concentrated clarifier
reva klar, concentrated floculent cartridge, floculent 50 Ko, Updated on 11 Oct 2011

"Stop" Chemicals and cleaning chemicals

pdfSurface disinfectant 61 Ko, Updated on 18 Oct 2011


pdfreva chlor liquide
liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite 81 Ko, Updated on 16 Nov 2011
pdfCalc-Out 12 Ko, Updated on 18 Jun 2009
pdfReva Act 16 Ko, Updated on 09 Jun 2009

pdfReva Metal Out & Stain and scale control 15 Ko, Updated on 09 Jun 2009
pdfReva Stop Chlorine 115 Ko, Updated on 09 Jun 2009

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