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Presentation of the company

N°1 IN FRANCE for swimming pool water treatment chemicals

Gérard LEGRANDCreated in 1983, and managed by Gérard LEGRAND, MAREVA has become in 20 years time, a leader of the swimming pool water treatment chemicals market.
MAREVA was organized to manufacture the Revolutionary chlorine-free disinfecting molecule, P.H.M.B (PolyHexaMethylene Biguanide), MAREVA is now the 2nd world's largest producer of P.H.M.B and the first transformer of pool chlorine-based chemicals with French funds. See Disinfection-PHMB

A major national distributor of pool material and accessories :

The 1990 merger with "Piscines & Filtrations", created MAREVA Piscines & Filtrations proficient for the distribution of : filters, pumps, valves, white goods, maintenance accessories, above ground pools...
Globalization favors distributors, therefore, this provides Mareva with new commercial opportunities.

The PAREVA laboratory

Garanti par MarevaThe Pareva laboratory was established in 1985 for research and development. Pareva was key in providing the ability to manufacture special products, brand names for partner groups, and PHMB based products for industrial disinfection

A production and logistics platform SEVESO 2

High production flexibility

Mareva is an advanced facility designed to efficiently produce quality products with total flexibility for quick turnaround especially during the peak production season.
On site, we manufacture and package all types of chemicals :

  • granular
  • chlorine beads
  • pills
  • tablets
  • powder
  • liquid, ...

Daily production capacity by product type :

  • Liquids : 10 metric tons / day exept PHMB
  • PHMB : 8.5 metric tons / day
  • Tablets : 25 metric tons / day
  • Mini tabs : 10 metric tons / day
  • Solids : 30 metric tons / day

Mareva adapts itself to seasonal variations. 100 to 120 employees make up the team at the Saint Martin de Crau site for sales, production ans logistics.


Built on a 6 acre lot, MAREVA's facility occupies only 2 acres. MAREVA's inventory capacity is crucial :

  • 10 tanks hold 230 000 liters of raw material and 100 000 liters of semifinished material.
    • The 80 000 m3 warehouse anticipates the production capacity and stores a high volume of product ,allowing every purchasing inquiry to be filled in a quick and efficient manner.

The hi-tech factory conforms to the Europe's SEVESO 2 safety standards and principles.

Mareva Inc, Chesapeake

Packaging for chlorine tablets

Packaging for liquid chemicals

Tabletizing machine